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On the "Mark Sawyer's World" channel on You Tube:

--Bob Nickel, pictured left, of, and the subject of two of Mark's books (

--Maechee Brigitte

--Swami Atmananda Udasin

--V. Ganesan

--Phra Jamaal Adams  ("Patarawara")

--Phra Frank of Wat Trivisudhidham ("The Healing Temple")



Mark Sawyer's World on You Tube

The first Mark Sawyer's World You Tube clip was an interview of Mae Chee Brigitte. Her website is: , and she has her own page on this site here.

To view her Mark Sawyer's World You Tube clip now, click here.

The You Tube clip of Swami Atmananda Udasin is filled with written Satsang quotations, pictures of the Swami, scenes from his beloved Rishikesh, and even a clip from Ramana Maharshi's Arunachala. This is here.

Swami Atmananda Udasin has done Satsang in India and in Europe, but with few Americans--at least until now.

"I would love for many of my fellow Americans to experience a  satsang with the Swami in America or in Rishikesh. What could come from this is potentially life-altering," says Mark.


V. Ganesan is interviewed in three other Mark Sawyer's World YouTube clips.             

V. Ganesan is the grand-nephew of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi and a respected giver of satsangs. He is the author of many valuable books about the Bhagavan, Advaita (non-duality), and spirituality, and was the editor of The Mountain Path magazine.

Ganesan was interviewed by Mark in December, 2012, almost thirteen years after Bob Nickel, later an excellent giver of satsang himself (see, introduced them in January 2000. From the start Ganesan was one of Mark's favorite people and spiritual teachers.

Ganesan's great-uncle, Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, is believed by many to be the most important figure in Indian Spirituality in the 20th century. Ganesan admits freely that he was blessed to live most of his life to the age of thirteen with Sri Ramana, the Bhagavan, at Ramana Ashram.

Mark was honored to receive the wisdom of this man in his home below the sacred mountain Arunachala. In Part 3 in particular, as the sun went down and the light shifted, words came from Ganesan that touched everyone in the room. Mark says, "They are still echoing inside."

All of the "Ganesan About Arunachala" interview clips can be found here.


There are other clips at the MarkSawyersWorld channel on YouTube.

Some of these are "dated."

Two of these clips are about Phra Jamaal. This gentleman, so dedicated at the time of the filming, within a year of the filming of these clips left the monkhood and Thailand. Mark still does not know why.

Phra Frank, of the "healing temple," in the bitterest of ironical occurances after moving to this temple (which is famous internationally for its healing master and healing courses) became ill with cancer and passed away from his body in November 2015.



all of Mark's clips are on the  MarkSawyersWorld channel on YouTube.