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For Robert Wolfe, the day starts just after midnight with going to sleep.  In the morning he does some yoga. In the afternoon, earlier in the winter and later in the hot summers, he takes a long walk in the fertile valley under tall trees and by lazing streams.

What else? Happily, he has steadily written some of the absolutely best books anout "What Is," "non-dual reality," and the "Absolute" ever published. Also, in the evening, at times he meets with people, one-on-one, preferably.                                                



Truth Found in the Books and Presence of a Quiet Urban Hermit

Swami Atmananda Udasin has called Robert Wolfe "A true American sage." Every book Robert has written is in the library of Ajatananda Ashram.

Robert Wolfe was a friend of Bob Nickel' s (of A Nickel's Worth), and in fact Bob introduced Mark to Robert in 2007. Happily, in 2013 Mark was able to, in a way, pay that forward by introducing Swami Atmananda Udasin to Robert (see picture above). Interestingly, Swami Atmananda had discovered Robert Wolfe's books on-line totally independently, and already had Robert's books (those printed up to that time) at Ajatananda Ashram when Mark visited in January 2013.

It would be easy to rhapsosidize in false eloquence about the glories of Robert's books. Already in other websites I've done so, extolling Robert Wolfe's masterful tomes integrating non-duality with Science, Buddhism, Jesus' true teachings, the Ashtavakra Gita, and, even more impressiviely (if this be possible), his incredible trilogy, Living Nonduality, Abiding in NonDual Awareness, and the instant classic Awakening to Infinite Presence.

All of Robert Wolfe's books are available on-line at Amazon and the usual suspects. Some are available for free download at his website, along with recordings of Robert reading some (up-to-now) unpublished short monograms and links to on-line interviews of Robert. The official Robert Wolfe website is:

As strongly as Mark Sawyer encourages you to attend a satsang with Swami Atmananda Udasin if you can, he encourages you to check out tRobert's website. Do listen to Robert Wolfe's interviews and readings, and do read his books.

Blessings always.