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Some comments made after Mae Chee Brigitte's 2013 visit:

"I loved her." "Thank you so much for bringing her here."

"For years I fought a dark energy that hit me like a wave a few times a day. After the Weekend Retreat with her it just went away!"

"A great person. Good, peaceful energy just flows from her."



Mae Chee Brigitte

Mae Chee Brigitte is one of the foremost meditation teachers for foreigners in Thailand. She has been a Forest Tradition Theravada Buddhist nun for twenty-five years. Her life is devoted to helping others. She offers meditation retreats at her temple in Thailand nine times a year, always starting on the first of the month. In Thailand she is perhaps even better known for her charitable works. She has raised money for AIDS victims, disaster survivors (especially after the 2004 tsunami), to support fellow nuns, and works with the poor in the local community.

In 2009 her many works were recognized with awards from the United Nations and from the Royal Family of Thailand.

"Mae Chee" means "nun" in Thai. So Mae Chee Brigitte would be "Sister Brigitte" were she a Catholic monastic.

She had very well-received dharma talks, meditations, and Retreats in Santa Monica, Ojai, and Santa  Barbara in March 2013. The 2013 trip was arranged by Mark of Mark Sawyer's World. Her 2014 visit was self-organized.

There is no plan at this time for Mae Chee Brigitte to return to the US in 2015, but the

Special Invitation

below is "always open."

MC Brigitte's schedule, and much more, is at )

A Special Invitation

Mae Chee Brigitte offers Meditation Retreats at Wat Prayong,

her home temple on the outskirts of Bangkok, on the first to the seventh of every month October to February.

The January retreat is the biggest, and it goes two extra days--to the 9th.

The abbot of her temple, Ajahn Phet, is a special being. Recognizing the special abilities of MC Brigitte, he offers her a place to teach the "thousands of foreigners" that he sees coming in the future.

Come to a Retreat with Mae Chee Brigitte at Wat Prayong in Thailand

Mae Chee welcomes you!

To have a great trip: It is good to arrive with a day or two to recover from jet lag before doing too much. For instance, if your trip is starting with Mae Chee's meditation retreat just come to Wat Prayong a few days before the retreat begins. You could also relax in a nice part of Bangkok. Do the Meditation Retreat with Mae Chee at Wat Prayong either close to the beginning or near the end of your time in Thailand. With your other days you might like to be on an island at the beach, or perhaps in the hills up north around Chiang Mai. Some visitors include some of Thailand's excellent dental care. Many persons have saved enought on quality dental work as compared to US prices to pay for their ticket or even the whole trip.

Everything with MaeChee Brigitte at Wat Prayong is on a donation basis.

A Dhamma experience with Mae Chee Brigitte in Thailand is only a RT air ticket away.

Mark travels to Thailand for less than $1000 RT each year.

Many reputable websites and agencies have excellent deals available.

The taxi ride from the airport to Wat Prayong cost about $8 USD. Yes, eight dollars.


"There is only Now--so, why not?"