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"It was wonderful to see Swami Atmananda Udasin again recently in Ojai and Santa Barbara, CA. I was with him in his ashram in India last winter for more than a month. He is a sincere and humble man, and shares so lovingly from his heart. I hope you all get a chance to spend some time with him, it will surely enrich your being.”

Indra Rinzler

also a friend of Bob Nickel of



About Swami Atmananda Udasin's Satsangs

Below are excerpts of a 2016 message to Robin Davidson from a friend traveling through India, the context being self-explanatory.

I did get to attend a Swami Atmananda satsang this week, so thank you for sharing about him. It was incredible and agree with what you said about his deeper approach, especially to Advaita which can be quite abstract. Atmananda was wonderful and his knowledge was so clear. Unfortunately he was quite booked that day so I was not able to say hello, but I hope to return at some point.

Following the 2014 Satsangs by Swami Atmananda Udasin of Rishikesh in Ojai, Mark received a message from Indra RInzler of the high Sierras, above in the right corner, and a letter from Howard Love of Ojai, CA, parts of which are below. Both are reprinted here with permission.

After the Swami talked about the difference between having specific vs. global awareness during the weekend retreat in Santa Barbara, I began to experience everything as one whole, and I saw I was just a part of that whole. Seeing prior to the individual (name & form) is amazing. It wasn't just what Swami said in words that caused this shift in my perception. I experienced an energy (“shakti”) in Swami's presence that helped transform my vision. I always look for shakti when I am in a spiritual teachers presence, because it helps greatly in ones transformation. It's the difference between thinking about what a spiritual teacher is saying, vs. experiencing internally what a teacher is saying. With the help of the teacher's energy (shakti) I end up living the teaching instead of just hearing or remembering in my mind what the teacher said.

Almost all day long we think we are experiencing the world from our eyes. There is us, and then there is the world (people, places, things, etc.). Yet when we relax and let our focus become defused, so that we go from a specific kind of focus (you/it/that/etc. are there, and I am here) to a global kind of focus (there is just one whole, and I am that whole) our experience of the world totally changes. Now we see the world through our spiritual eye, and then we see we are free of the world. We are no longer the central character in our world. We are just one of many characters, and what we experience is unfolding naturally without our doing anything. Even though I have experienced this clear vision before, in Swami's presence it became even more pronounced.

My gratitude to the Swami and to Mark for bringing him here to Southern California. I look forward to seeing him again. Yea!


More about Swami Atmananda Udasin of Rishikesh is at, the website of Ajatananda Ashram.